About Community Forklift

Who We Are

Community Forklift is an innovative building materials reuse center, based in Edmonston, MD, about 5 minutes from Northeast DC in northern Prince George’s County. The name Community Forklift refers to our mission: to “lift up local communities” by reducing waste, creating green jobs and making repairs affordable for homeowners, small businesses and community groups.

Our Goals

Community Forklift aims to:

  • Lift up communities by making repairs and renovation more affordable for everyone in the community – homeowners, small businesses, charitable groups, etc.
  • Reduce construction industry waste, keep reusable materials out of the landfill, and reduce the mining and harvesting of dwindling natural resources.
  • Promote environmentally-friendly building materials and methods
  • Develop career opportunities for nearby residents.

Where We Are

Our address is 4671 Tanglewood Drive, Edmonston MD 20781


3 thoughts on “About Community Forklift

  1. Came by a few weekends ago with our dog, loved that we could bring her and all the great finds!

  2. I love the Commuity Forklift I’m in need of a good Double Door Set. I’m replacing my old Aluminum sliding door, maybe I can donate that to Community Forklift
    Rommel Moreno

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