Other Places to Repurpose and Recycle

So, you’ve called us, checked out the website, or stopped by and unfortunately we can’t take your donation.  However, there are a TON of places that will accept a wide variety of donated things.  Since we are big believers in repurposing and recycling items (and not just building materials), we want to make it as easy as possible for you to donate your things elsewhere.

General Lists of Recycling/Donation Sites for Various Items


First, try several organizations that will repurpose it for a good cause, such as

Then try these places, where you might find some people willing to take your very old or broken appliance for free.

If no luck, then here are some appliance recycling centers.

Clothing, Electronics, Furniture, etc


  • The D C Foam Recycle Center, located at 4602 Eisenhower Avenue in Alexandria, VA will recycle foam.  They can be contacted at (703) 370-1271.

Medical Equipment

  • CrossLink International will accept medical supplies in good condition to donate to third-world countries.  They are located in Falls Church, VA and can be contacted at (703) 534-5465.
  • The Jewish Council for the Aging has a list of phone numbers to call to donate medical equipment.  People in Maryland and DC can call (301) 255-4200 and people in Virginia can call (703) 525-0999.  Their website also has a link to email and a link to search a list of 4,000 local resources.

Mixed C&D Debris

Old Fire Extinguishers

  • Contact your local fire department to find out where you can recycle your old, expired fire extinguishers.

Paint Donation/Recycling/Disposal

Pet Supplies

Here are some local animal shelters and a list of animal shelters in  MD and VA.

Used Carpet

  • Carpet America Recovery Effort is a joint government-industry effort to recycle and re-use carpets.  According to them, the nearest carpet recycling place is RM Brokerage, which is in Alexandria, VA.  Visit their website here, or call them at (703) 370-3639.

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