Composting and Gardening

General Links

  • How to Compost is an A to Z guide for composting.  It has plenty of articles and links for both the beginning composter and the experienced composter.
  • Urban Gardening Help discusses various elements of urban gardening including recommended plants, community gardens, green roofs, recommended products, and high-yield techniques for small spaces.
  • Backyard Gardening Forums is a collection of forums for topics related to backyard gardening.
  • This Garden is Illegal is a blog written by an avid gardener in Cleveland, Ohio.  It’s a funny, yet educational account of the life and times of a gardener.

From our March 2011 Sales Ideas:

  • This Garden Web forum thread has great ideas for using granite scraps in your backyard (and elsewhere).
  • Using Tubs to Compost gives detailed instructions on how to make a salvaged tub suitable for composting.
  • Vintage Bathtub Makes a Pretty Planter gives tips to get started using a salvaged tub as a garden bed.
  • This blog gives step-by-step instructions on how to make a compost bin from shipping pallets and a few other things.  You could probably find all of the items you need here at Community Forklift!
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