Free Workshop Oct. 11th – Working On Your Old House: How to Vet Your Home Service and Sales Professionals

1493219_612870362113774_787139833_nLeaders in the construction and renovation industry, Gary Barnhart and Alia Khan will go over tips for homeowners when vetting the most commonly used types of professionals for home servicing and sales.

From general contractors to inspectors and realtors, these two experts will give you invaluable pointers when taking care of and looking for your next home.

When: Saturday, October 11th 11am-12pm
Where: Community Forklift Warehouse

GL Barnhart is a home repair and small construction company with three main focus areas: carpentry (& general interiors/exteriors), masonry, and iron/steel.

Started in 1997 as a father and son business, it has thrived in the Capitol Hill neighborhood by focusing on modern renovations, historic restorations, and construction work.

GL Barnhart believes in local sourcing and the values of green construction, and that what’s best for tomorrow is what’s right for today.

Join GL Barnhart on:
The Weblogo GLBarnhart

Community Forklift
4671 Tanglewood Drive

Edmonston, MD 20781
Mon & Tues: 10am-6pm Weds: 10am-7pm Thurs & Fri: 10am-6pm
Sat & Sun: 9am-6pm
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