Please nominate Community Forklift for Best Hardware Store


Dear Forklift Fans:

Please vote Community Forklift for Best Hardware Store

in the City Paper’s 2012 contest!


As a thrift store for home improvement supplies, one of our biggest challenges is that renovators don’t know they can donate instead of dumping.  But if we win the City Paper’s “Best of DC” contest, it means thousands of dollars worth of free publicity!!! 

If more folks learn about us, more materials will be donated.  This means more reusable items will be kept out of the landfill, more people will be able to afford repairs, more local green jobs will be created…and of course, you’ll find more good stuff here in the store!

Please vote now!

A few seconds of your time will make a big difference for Community Forklift  (We will be especially grateful if you share this with your friends, and ask them to vote too).

Thanks so much,

The Community Forklifters

(Nancy, Keith, Ruthie, Christine, Freddy, Doug, Matt, Katherine, Jimmy, Ricky, Curtis, Terry, Kitty, John, Alex, Bea, Matt, Anthony, Debby, Nick, Sean, and Jim)

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